Crema Joe pioneers waste free coffee pods for work

It’s no secret that coffee is the lifeblood of working Melbournians. The oh-so magical liquid that sharpens our minds, puts a spring in our step and gets us through the mid-afternoon blues.

Up until now, our daily caffeine fix may have been satisfying our need for caffeine, but it’s also been contributing to the massive issue that is coffee capsule waste. As of 2018, it's estimated that Aussies are consuming a whopping 6 million pods per day. Considering the 500-year process of breaking down single-use pods, this paints a frightening reality.

Positive shifts are happening - plastic cups, plastic straws and plastic bags, are slowly but surely being banned around the globe. But what about single-use coffee pods?

... Enter Crema Joe Supply & Exchange - the world's first refillable coffee capsule service, allowing workplaces to enjoy their daily cuppa, without the waste.

Our capsule subscription service is here to shift behaviour from "discard" to "reuse", helping businesses to reduce their impact – and the service is no more expensive than purchasing disposable pods.

Crema Joe zero waste coffee capsule business service, Melbourne


Our coffee pod refill and exchange service specifically caters to businesses with a Nespresso coffee pod machine. To help create a world where people no longer need, or want, disposable coffee pods, our friendly team will deliver locally roasted coffee, packed in our stainless steel coffee capsules.

Your staff and clients will enjoy their coffee guilt-free knowing that they are helping to reduce landfill. The following week, we'll pick up the used capsules and deliver a new batch of responsible coffee pods for your team to enjoy.

The spent coffee grounds are not forgotten either and will find another life as garden fertiliser or even in beauty products, encouraging re-use in every way. It's a beautifully simple cycle of planet-friendly coffee goodness!


Our subscription service is currently available in Melbourne.

We would love to partner with your organisation to help amplify the conversation around waste reduction, responsible business, and inspiring behavioural change (without having to curb coffee consumption, because we all know that work and coffee go hand in hand)! 

Want to help transform YOUR team into habitual reusers? Jump onboard and join us in our fight against waste!

How many capsules could your business divert from landfill? Calculate and track your impact.

Head to for more info, or register your interest here

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