Eco Tip: How to make DIY kitchen scrap plant food

We're always looking for great ways to reuse our coffee grounds (and we drink a lot of coffee you guys) so we were excited to discover this simple, powerful DIY fertiliser recipe, which can be made at home just by collecting your kitchen scraps!

This homemade plant food is rich in potassium (which helps plants produce flowers and fruit), nitrogen, calcium and copper. 

DIY Plant Food Recipe


• Egg shells
• Spent coffee grounds
• Banana peels


Step 1. Wash and dry out the egg shells (we like to throw ours in the oven whilst it's cooling down after baking). Crush into smaller pieces.

Step 2. Cut the banana peels into chunks, and allow to soak in water for 2-3 days to make a 'banana peel tea'.

Step 3. Place crushed egg shells, banana peel tea and coffee grounds in a blender. Process until well combined.

Step 4. Top with water if needed, and pour over the soil in your pot plants or garden.

DIY plant food recipe using egg shells, banana peels and coffee

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