Eco Tip: How to make DIY banana peel liquid fertiliser

Banana peels are SUCH a treat for your plants - they're packed with potassium, phosphorus and calcium. So you may have heard about the benefits of using banana skins in your garden, whether in your compost, or even just cut up and sprinkled around the bottom of your plants.

Another great way to extract the beneficial nutrients from banana skins is by making 'banana water'. Also known as banana tea, this organic fertiliser is so simple to make, and a perfect natural tonic for all plants - veggies, flowers and indoor plants too! 

Recipe for banana water - fertilizer for your veggie patch, indoor plants or flowers


Step 1. Cut up banana peels and place in a large bowl or tub. Cover with water. Your ratio should be around 1/3 peels to 2/3 water, but there's no need to be too fussy!

Step 2. Soak for 2 to 3 days, allowing the minerals to extract. Then using a colander, strain into a bottle. 

Step 3. Use as is for your plants (no need to dilute). The soaked peels can be given to your worms or put in the compost.

Note: The bottles may swell slightly due to fermentation, however you can 'burp' your bottles easily occasionally by unscrewing the lid. 

Banana water / tea: DIY organic liquid fertiliser made with banana peels

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  • Crema Joe

    Hi Kurien,

    Great question and I can see what you mean! It is just the banana peel, enjoy your banana then cut up the peel :)

    -Crema Joe Team

  • Kurien

    Are they banana peels or banana cuts itself. The photograph shown here seems have the bottle with banana cut pieces.

  • Irene stone

    What a good idea. I put banana around my tomatoes.

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