How to write a climate letter to your local MP

Whether it be fires or floods, Australia is seeing firsthand the impacts of climate. We have a chance to start a grassroots movement here - the time to funnel your anger and frustrations into action and make politicians listen, is now.

If you feel the Government isn't taking enough action on climate, we lovingly encourage you to read this article where we share how we can (hopefully) make impactful, lasting legislative change. First and foremost, this is not political - we're not talking about either side, or blaming anyone for anything. We want to help empower and educate, and to help you (our readers!) understand how legislative and impactful change happens. 

Legislation is passed through 2 houses in Australia - the House Of Representatives, and the Senate.  Here's how, our actions and our words, can make long term change, legislatively.


The member for your local electorate (your federal member of parliament, who you vote for locally every 3 years) represents your voice at Parliament House. Anything that you call or write about to your local office (including the changes that you demand) are noted down. This is compiled, and your member goes to parliament and speaks on key matters based on the opinions of his electorate and his constituents (that's you!) - they are paid to go to parliament, and represent you.

You can literally call and write to the office of your federal members, on federal issues, such as climate. And the best way to get politicians to move, is if the majority of their electorate is 'for' or 'against'. Right now, the majority of all politicians electorates want action, and want to see legislative change in regards to climate policy.  


Rallying and petitioning your own federal member is how you make lasting change. To work out who your local MP is, search using your local postcode here. This will help you find your member, and their mailing address.


Here is a sample letter that you can download and edit to send to your federal member of parliament, respectfully demanding change. It's not emotional - it's educational, empowered and intelligent. You're asking your member not to sit on their hands anymore.

If this template doesn't resonate with you, you can absolute write your own. However, this template should hopefully be helpful if you're time-poor or are unsure of how to structure your letter. 

Edit the letter (see yellow highlighted areas) with your MP's info, your info, and your signature. Note: This was written by Anna Richards during the latest bout of Australian bushfires, so we suggest adding some adjustments based on the most recent climate events, such as the current flooding being experience by much of the eastern side of the country.


The buck doesn't stop with the top, it stops with us, and we have to act now. We need to take responsibility to start the movement, for our own voice and actions. This message is getting out there, to hundreds of thousands of Aussies - we genuinely have the opportunity to start a grassroots movement. We can force the members of parliament to have an educated, robust, intelligent and very necessary conversation. There is hope for our nation, and it starts with you.

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Resources: Anna Richards 
For more tips on engaging with your MP's, head here.

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