The 100% recycled product for filling Nespresso compatible pods - the Perfect Press!

After 3 years of researching, tinkering and development, we've crafted something quite revolutionary - a product that completely closes the loop. The journey to making better things in a better way is a long road, so we are fair-dinkum delighted to finally announce the launch of our brand new product - the Perfect Press.

✓ Crafted from 25 plastic bottle caps
✓ Australian made
✓ Plastic package-free product
✓ Handcrafted in Melbourne

The Perfect Press allows you to fill and tamp consistently for a delightful, creamy espresso, every time - it's the ideal companion for your reusable pods! This unique device takes all the mess and stress out of creating ready-to-brew capsules - simply place a refillable Nespresso® compatible pod in the base, scoop coffee into the funnel and tamp to finish! And, inspired by the concept of truly circular design, this genius product is made from 100% recycled materials.

An idea & a passion for the planet

As the OG refillable coffee pod company in Australia, our goal is to reshape the capsule coffee landscape - we are experts in our field, and we're doing everything we can to break down barriers and help consumers make the switch from disposable to reusable.

Unfortunately, the sustainability space isn't regulated, with so many businesses and brands making a plethora of wild claims. So in 2018, as part of our ongoing mantra to create better things in a truly better way we were looking for a local, responsible manufacturing solution for Crema Joe when we were introduced to the Precious Plastic concept. Fast forward to 2021, and we have a whole new social enterprise - Precious Plastic Melbourne

PPM is a social enterprise and our recycling hub where we're working with like-minded people to create a circular economy through better outcomes for traditionally 'non-recyclable' plastics. Not only do we have some exciting new products in the pipeline for Crema Joe, we’re also working within our community to assist individuals and organisations to set up their own plastic recycling workspaces.⁣

Nespresso capsule filler: DIY your coffee pods - tamps & fill your coffee consistently

Getting this product off the ground has certainly been a team effort. We've worked with designers, tool makers and plastic experts - and we've all consumed our fair share of coffee, that's for sure!

Produced with a purpose

100% recycled materials: To help combat the problem of landfill and ocean waste, each Perfect Press is produced by hand and made entirely of locally sourced, reclaimed plastic bottle tops. Essentially, each Perfect Press is part of a circular economy where waste is reduced as this precious 'resource' or 'commodity' of single-use plastic is given a new life.

Handcrafted in Melbourne, the formation of the eco-friendly Perfect Press really is a labour of love - we've always been passionate about reducing our environmental footprint and finding solutions to plastic pollution. This is what drove us to create a product that is both useful for our amazing reusable capsule community whilst actively converting what was initially destined to be waste into something fresh, new and highly functional. Nothing makes us happier than knowing that each Perfect Press is diverting 25 plastic bottle caps from landfill! 

Kayla Mossuto from Crema Joe making recycled products for reusable coffee pods
Crema Joe x Precious Plastic Melbourne plastic recycling

The process of manufacturing a Perfect Press is like an art form - it's no easy task. It takes time, patience and people power to turn bottle caps into a kitchen bench staple...

1. Collection:
We put a call out to our local community, and boy do they deliver! To date, businesses, individuals and community groups have donated over 400,000 plastic bottle caps to the cause! 

2. Preparation:
Our materials must be immaculate - post-collection, the bottle tops are carefully cleaned, sorted and prepared by our team of plastic prepping pros.

3. Shredding:
The plastic is then shredded into small flakes, and carefully weighed out into precise quantities for production.

4. Melting and Moulding:
The shredded plastic is then melted to the perfect consistency, before being injected into a specially-designed mould. 

5. Finishing:
The product part is released from the mould and meticulously finished by hand. Each of the 3 components requires its own hand-finishing method - complete with filing, buffing, polishing and some gentle reshaping (essentially, each Perfect Press gets its own customised mini manicure before heading to your home!)   

So, no virgin materials, no fancy accents or senseless details. The Perfect Press is pure functionality, one-of-a-kind and simple yet practical! At the end of it's life, all components can also be sent back to our warehouse to be recycled into other products.

Pod filler for Nespresso compatible capsules - fill your reusable pods easily & mess-free

Our Perfect Press is food-grade certified, meeting the AS 2070-1999 Plastics Materials For Food Contact Use Australian standard.

How to use the Perfect Press

The Perfect Press makes filling your reusable pods so easy - here's how to use it!

Step 1. Position:
Place an empty Nespresso-compatible capsule in the base of Perfect Press.

Step 2. Fill:
Position funnel over the top and fill capsule with coffee (either 2 x scoops via the in-built scoop, or 1 x heaped SealPod scoop).

Step 3. Tamp:
Press the tamp firmly on top until it sits level against the funnel. Then seal capsule as usual, and brew! 

Tip: As usual, when using reusable pods it's important to ensure you are using the correct recommended grind size for your capsule / machine.

So how exactly does this amazing product allow you to create consistently delicious results every time you brew? The secret is the in-built tamper, which perfectly compacts the coffee, optimising your pod's internal pressure build-up during extraction and generating the crema of your dreams!

How to fill your reusable Nespresso capsules easily & consistently with no mess


Our aim was to be able to offer a product to all the eco-warriors who have made the switch to reusable brewing and are looking for a simpler, cleaner and more convenient way to prepare their capsules.

So for the final exciting feature? The Perfect Press is compatible with most reusable capsule brands! Whether you're a fan of SealPod, Bluecup, WayCap or any other original line Nespresso-compatible capsules that have a 'lip', the Perfect Press is going to be your new best friend.

Whichever brand you use, the Perfect Press will help you achieve a smoother, richer, more robust cup of coffee. By supporting us, you're supporting our mission to turn the tide on plastic waste in Australia - we can't wait for you to experience it for yourself!

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