The Real Price of Coffee Capsules

Calculator: How much money you can save by switching to reusable pods for Nespresso

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  • Gail

    Any chance of bringing in the Sealpod 10 pack and filling station? If you do I’m first in line!!

  • Barbara

    We have been using Seal pods for quite awhile now and loving them. We ran out of lids recently and it took awhile for them to come through. We were forced to use supermarket pods for a bit and couldn’t believe how awful they were.
    We are also loving the reduction in waste as the lids can be put into our recycling and the used coffee goes into the garden. The cost reduction now that we are set up is great as well

  • Crema Joe

    Hi Jau, thanks for your feedback! Absolutely. If environmental impact isn’t a concern, there are certainly some very affordable single-use plastic capsules available on the market. Our SealPod cost per lid is actually 15¢ each (or 10¢ via our Bulk Buy). We should also note that we also now have WayCap capsules available – these have a stainless steel lid, so the only ongoing cost is simply coffee itself. Our customers tend to use our reusable capsules to reduce their waste and brew fresh local coffee, in addition to saving money, however we understand this isn’t for everyone :)

  • Jau

    I actually did the math considering you can get capsules 100 caps of Lavazza for $45 bucks, a 2.2 bag of coffee for $20 and taking into consideration that you have to buy the sticky covers for the reusable at $11 per 100 covers. Even then the savings was only $100 bucks so the headache of not getting it perfect and wasting coffee because of leaks I think warrants the $100 extra. :)

  • Linda & Tony

    We have 2 seal pod capsules, given to us as a gift, which we have been happily using for a few months. After using a Caffitaly machine we are very pleased with the quality of both types of lids, both silver and bio degradable brown. The crema produced is wonderful and since packing the coffee granules into the pods with a little more oomph! when using the brown lids we have the added satisfaction of heping reduce waste. We’re also able to recycle the used granules into our vegetable gardens. Brilliant all round. Definitely recommend Crema coffee capsules!,

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