Crema Joe is making a difference, one capsule at a time!

Australia's increased awareness on the negative impact of single-use coffee cups has fortunately amassed affirmative change country-wide, with many coffee lovers now making
a conscious effort to swap disposable coffee cups with KeepCups and the like. But what about at-home coffee pod machines?

Appallingly, we use an estimated six million coffee pods every day. Unbeknownst to many, single use capsules deplete natural resources, increase C02 emissions, and the majority are sent straight to landfill where they contribute to the global landfill issue. Wanting to spread the word and help others reduce the environmental impact of their coffee pod machines, in 2014 the team behind Crema Joe decided to do something to combat the issue, launching a range of reusable and sustainable coffee pods. 

The good news is it’s easy to make a simple "small swap" to your daily cuppa routine -
if most of those 6 million capsule coffees per day were brewed with reusable pods, we’d be saving our precious resources, including billions of gallons of water and massive amounts of energy each year. And we'd love you to choose us to help you start your mission to brew more sustainably - here's why: 


These days, everyone has a sneaky side hustle; deliveries are arriving at your desk daily and people are flogging the latest trends on social media. Since our launch, we've endeavoured to provide our customers with well designed, ethically sourced, high quality products that allow them to do good and produce a great brew! People use our premium SealPod, Bluecup and WayCap capsules because they want to reduce their environmental footprint and save some cash whilst still enjoying a great cuppa - brewing with our reusables will cost you around 15-30c per coffee, saving an average household over around $400 a year.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our products have endured extensive product testing to ensure they meet the highest food safety and durability standards standards. We are well aware of many inferior knock-offs coming into the country from popular importing websites. We've tested these too with rather mixed results, from machine damage, to a lack of food safety requirements, through to sub-par brew results that were impossible to improve with any amount of experimentation.

We care about the origins and ethics of our products, quality control is important and we most definitely require that our products adhere to stringent standards and guidelines - our products must be food-grade, non-toxic with heat resistant components, durable and BPA free.

And of course our products must be functional. For example we selected premium Italian-made WayCap capsules as the interchangeable filter options allow you to brew with more types of coffee. Lower-grade / cheaper products simply don't offer this function. WayCap capsules were carefully crafted to allow you to tailor the product to suit your needs. The environmental impact of WayCap itself is also minimal at every stage of production - every part of the pod is manufactured in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, and the packaging is made entirely of recycled materials.  


We're fighting the war on waste, globally! As a social start-up, everything we do is designed or actioned with purpose. Simply selling an eco-friendly product doesn't necessarily mean the business behind it is implementing sustainable business practices. Amid the excessive consumption and consumerism, we strive to propel real, positive social change. We also believe a sustainable product should respect the environment at every stage, from manufacturing to transportation, with minimal environmental impact. 

One of the most effective approaches to reducing waste is to reduce the number of products we consume in the first place. Reducing should be the first step in lessening our impact on the environment, so our product range is just the beginning. One way we continue our war on waste is via our eco-friendly packaging. Our team have thoughtfully developed and launched our minimal, eco-friendly product packaging for our flagship SealPod range. Made using FSC® certified stock, and printed using vegetable-based inks, the packaging is not only recyclable, but is designed to challenge consumers to think of creative ways to reuse it rather than dispose of it – such as a seedling planter box. 

We are as passionate about reducing the amount of plastic on this earth as you are. We purposefully strive to be leaders in the sustainable business movement, and to leave the world a better place for future generations - Crema Joe has as little impact on the environment as possible. From office equipment, to product packaging, to packing materials, we aim to reuse and repurpose before purchasing new. Part and parcel of an e-commerce business is packing products to send via post or courier - to minimise the impact of this, we work with other local businesses and individuals to collect and reuse used packaging materials (such as boxes and packing peanuts) for shipping products to customers, rescuing them from landfill. By doing this, we have reduced our purchases of material for packing products into boxes by 100%. Yep, 100%!!

Many pieces of our equipment and furniture are also pre-loved. To help reduce plastic from the supply chain, we encourage our suppliers and manufacturers to reduce their use of plastic and unnecessary waste, or at least provide recyclable alternatives. And where incoming materials are necessary, they are disposed of or even moved forward consciously - rubber bands are passed on to the local post office, cardboard rolls from tape head to a local kindergarten for crafting. We want to keep these products out of the waste-stream for as long as possible, whilst harnessing a circular-economy within the local community. We also provide replacement components where necessary to prolong the useful life of our products for a maximum sustainable impact. 

Customer Service

It goes without saying but when shopping online, consumers look for reputable businesses that will provide great customer service if needed. We're here to help you on your mission to reduce your waste. If you require troubleshooting tips, or even just want to chat about the best local spot for coffee beans, we are here to help - get in touch via our contact form or Facebook Messenger!

We're Local!

Social entrepreneurs across Australia are looking to make a real difference in communities. If you’re like us and only rise with the certainty of a caffeinated (or decaffeinated!) cuppa, we feel Crema Joe is certainly a start-up to get behind! We are a Melbourne based family-owned business on a mission to leave the world a better place for our children (and our children’s children)!

We love to work with and actively engage with local businesses, students, and community groups (such as Breadtags For Wheelchairs ) to educate and contribute our knowledge surrounding single-use plastic reduction.

Ultimately, Crema Joe's initiatives are helping consumers to reduce waste, as well as educating individuals and business owners on sustainable practices. Talking about sustainability isn't enough - action is the only way we'll make a difference. Our capsule users are now helping to save over 5.5 million pods from landfill yearly, and we hope you will join the sustainable coffee pod movement too! 

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