Ecommerce waste - what we're doing to reduce our impact

According to Play Market Research, Australian ecommerce is growing five times faster than traditional bricks and mortar stores. And, as the ecommerce industry grows, so too is the amount of packaging used to distribute products direct from warehouse to consumer - think boxes, bubble wrap and all of those packing peanuts!

We've put a focus on promoting a circular economy, whereby product re-use is encouraged in every way - here's how.

Crema Joe reuses/repurposes old packaging to save waste from landfill

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13 tips for a very merry waste-free Christmas!

Keen to make the most of the festive season without the avoidable waste? Christmas day is on the way, along with all the extra consumerism that it entails. But the holiday season doesn’t have to be such a wasteful time! By getting creative and rethinking some traditions, you and your family can have a healthy, happy Christmas with minimal waste!

Here we've compiled some easy ways to help get you on your way to a zero waste Chrissy.

Waste free Christmas: Ideas & tips for a more sustainable, environmentally friendly Xmas

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New product alert: Aldi K-fee Expressi & Caffitaly compatible eco-friendly pods!

Looking for a sustainable alternative for your K-fee or Caffitaly coffee capsule machine? You got it! But wait - what's that smell? It's the smell of brewing real, fresh coffee with refillable pods at home!

SealPod Australia refillable steel capsules for Aldi K-fee Expressi & Caffitaly

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Rethink, repurpose & reuse: Our eco-friendly packaging is finally here!

SealPod packaging has been designed to encourage reuse and creatively challenge you to rethink it's purpose. Our packaging is recyclable, but why not reuse it rather than dispose of it?

SealPod Australia: Locally produced, ethical, sustainable packaging

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Capsule quality - it's all in the brew

At Crema Joe, we believe that the best reusable is the one you use, and whilst sustainable supply and manufacture are crucial, quality and enjoyment play a role in adopting new behaviours. So if you've got a little dejà brew whilst shopping for reusable coffee pods, we've compiled our top tips to help you determine the quality of a refillable capsule.

Quality, Australia coffee pods: Crema Joe Melbourne, premium refillable capsules

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