Recipe: Easy, Christmas-y, DIY zero waste coffee scrub

This easy and inexpensive homemade coffee body scrub is super simple to make and is nourishing for dry, Summer skin. Coffee scrub is a great gentle exfoliator - perfect timing considering most of us are getting into our swimsuits and would love to show off our radiant skin! What's more? They are absolutely ideal as a budget-friendly, eco-friendly Christmas gift!

Make your own organic, DIY coffee body scrub

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9 tips to make your office more environmentally friendly

How can we encourage sustainability in our workplace? Considering that we spend about a fifth of our lifetime at work, it's worthwhile considering how we can have a planet-strong impact on our colleagues and office space. Luckily, we have lots of great ideas to get you started - here are our top tips for a more conscious and happy workplace.
Reduce office waste: Tips for a sustainable workplace

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Bacteria, yeast and mould in Nespresso coffee machines, and what you can do about it

How hygienic is the inside of your coffee machine? Your pod machine is literally a breeding ground for bacteria and old coffee build-up. Descaling is important for machine maintenance, and removes the lime scale on the boiler of your machine, but it doesn't remove residue and bacteria on the brewing chamber of your machine. 

Not to worry though - we've got the perfect solution spring clean your machine and get it back into tip-top shape!

Cleaning your pod / capsules machine properly involves more than descaling

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Recipe: Creamy espresso milkshake

With eco-friendly Bluecup reusable capsules about to hit our virtual shelves, we've decided to celebrate.. with delicious creamy, refreshing-y, coffee-y Espresso Milkshakes all-round! This espresso shake is packed with some serious buzz and is absolutely heaven on a hot day - perfectly timed with Summer just around the corner!

Nespresso recipes & tips: Yummy coffee milkshake

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Reuse and reduce your impact - which refillable capsules are best for you?

If you prize convenience when it comes to coffee but don't like the waste, and with demand for eco-friendly coffee capsules on the rise, refillable pods are an attractive sustainable option. But which capsule is right for you? To find out which comes out on top, we put SealPod, WayCap and Bluecup Nespresso-compatible coffee pods to the test, rating and evaluating them on ease-of-use, performance, sustainability and value for money.

Compare compatible pods for Nespresso capsule machines - which is best?

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