If you care about your coffee, then you should know how to store it

Better beans, stored correctly, make better-tasting coffee—and that’s something you want, don’t you? Know how long your coffee beans will keep, whether you should ever consider freezing them, and what you should do with them once they go stale.

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The Real Price of Coffee Capsules

There are over 30,000,000,000 pods in the world, creating enough waste to encircle our planet 6 TIMES! What's more, single-use capsules actually cost a lot more to brew than good ol' coffee beans. Yep! You'll probably pay a lot less per kilo if you brew at home using reusable pods, such as SealPod.

Use our calculator to discover the hidden costs of your coffee pods.

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Maintaining a clean Nespresso machine

It may have been a long time since you’ve even thought about cleaning your coffee capsule machine. A dirty machine adds impurities to your coffee, leaving an off-putting flavour as a result of the build-up of oils. Cleaning your coffee machine not only extends it's life, but also ensures the quality of the coffee you brew. Here are our top tips for keeping your machine in tip-top shape!

Clean your Nespresso machine with these tips to improve function & coffee flavour

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7 creative ways to use spent coffee grounds

In the morning, nothing quite goes down so nicely as a cup of coffee. So much interest has been put on the power of the beverage produced by coffee beans that it has distracted us from the other great resource that coffee provides: spent coffee grounds. It’s time the world knew just how wonderful coffee grounds can be, even after the coffee has been brewed!

Best ways to reuse old coffee grounds! Organic pest control, fertiliser and more!

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Convenience vs waste: The environmental cost of your coffee pods

The attraction of coffee capsules is the simplicity and consistency of taste, right? And it certainly costs less than an espresso from a cafe, which sets you back about $3.50, whereas the cost of a capsule can vary from 37c for Aldi Expressi to 68c for Nespresso. 

But did you know that you’ll pay a lot less per kilogram for your coffee if you make it at home on a manual coffee machine? Here's how you can reduce your costs, and your waste.

Refilling DIY coffee pods works out to be much cheaper than single-use capsules

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