Encourage reuse and sustainability in your organisation today

Here's a quote from an article originally published by the Sunshine Coast Daily in 2015: "It's said Australians are consuming about three million pods a day. More than 1.5 million households in Australia own a pod machine, a number forecast to double by 2018 with reports the capsule coffee market is on track to overtake the grocery bean market."

Welcome to 2018, where it's predicted that we are now consuming a whopping 6 million pods per day! Transform your team into habitual reusers and join us in our fight against waste: Crema Joe is rolling out a reusable coffee subscription service for your workplace so that businesses can contribute to a global movement, and we can all feel a little better about our 6 million pod habit. 


How it works

Our friendly team will deliver freshly roasted coffee, packed in our responsible coffee capsules to your organisation. Your staff and clients will enjoy their coffee guilt-free knowing that they are helping to reduce landfill. The following week, we'll pick up the used capsules and deliver a new batch of coffee pods packed with locally roasted coffee for your team to enjoy.


Know someone who could do with a little encouragement switching from single-use to reusable? Help others to minimise plastic and waste with our downloadable guide for use at home or work! This printable poster is FREE for you to use (print it or share it digitally)! We only ask you keep the original source credited - don't forget to tag Crema Joe!

Want to calculate how many capsules you're saving from landfill? Track your impact here.