How to use Capsulier & Capsi capsules

Compatibility: Are Capsi capsules compatible with my machine?

Capsi capsules are compatible with standard-line Nespresso®* machines. Capsi Capsules are not compatible with non-Nespresso® branded or "multi-capsule" machines. Please note - we do not stock capsules that are compatible with VertuoLine / Pro-series machines.

Will Capsi capsules damage my machine?

Capsi capsules are designed to fit perfectly, and will not harm the machine. It's best practice to ensure the inner sleeve reaches to the middle part of the Capsi capsule when closing the lever.

Can I brew lungos or tea with Capsi?

We recommend a single shot espresso, rather than lungo or long shots when brewing with Capsi. And yes, you can use Capsulier and Capsi for brewing your favourite tea leaves.

What kind of coffee can I use when brewing with Capsi?

We recommend a strong, dark roast for intensity. When purchasing from a local coffee shop / roaster, ask for coffee ground to espresso. When grinding fresh coffee beans at home, set the grind size to a fine grind of around 0.2mm. Or you can check out our delicious Bespoke Blend, ground specifically for use with your reusable pods!

Is the Capsulier LITE Capsule Maker compatible with any other refillable coffee pods?

The Capsulier LITE Capsule Maker is compatible with Capsi reusable capsules only. 

How does the Capsulier LITE Capsule Maker work?

With Capsulier, you’ll have a capsule ready for use in under ten seconds - Capsulier streamlines capsule creation and features a removable drip tray to keep the stainless steel design in pristine condition throughout use. To use, begin by loading 1-2 scoops of freshly ground coffee into the Capsulier. Place the Capsi capsule into the machine, pull the lever, then push lever to tamp, and cap the capsule - you're ready to brew!

What is the capacity of a Capsi?

Capsi can contain up to 5.5g of coffee.

What are the specs of the Capsulier machine?

Weight: 830g
Size: 2.7mm(W) x 218mm(D) x 145mm(H)

How much will brewing with the Capsulier and Capsi system cost me?

Using Capsi is extremely cost-effective compared to a lifetime of single-use coffee pods. Once you’re set up, each brew will cost you around 10-15 cents, saving an average household around $450 every year.

Can I get some tips on improving my cuppa now that I'm brewing with real coffee?

Sure thing! Your brew results will vary, dependant on which coffee you use, and how you use it. You can check out our top tips here.