How to use DGpod capsules

Compatibility: Are DGpod capsules compatible with my machine?

DGpods are compatible with the following Nescafé Dolce Gusto®* capsule machines: Lumio, Circolo, Drop, Eclipse, Fontana, Genio 1, Genio 2, Jovia, Melody 2, Melody 3, Mini-Me, Movenza, Oblo, Piccolo / Piccolini, Infinissima and Stelia coffee machines. Please note - DGpods are not compatible with Nespresso® machines.

How do I remove and clean my capsule?

Switch off the machine and wait for 5 minutes before trying to remove the capsule holder - always wait for the light to stop blinking. This will allow the pressure the return to normal, allowing the lever to be opened easily avoiding damage to the Capsule Cover. If still difficult to remove, do not force it open. Ensuring the capsule is cool, remove the Cover and Lid and tap out the spent coffee grounds, ensuring you retrieve the metal strainer. Rinse capsule and components with water. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

I would like to grind fresh coffee beans to use in my DGpod capsule, what kind of grinder should I use?

We recommend using a burr grinder for the best results, as blade grinders may create too much dust.

What grind size is recommended for use with DGpod capsules?

We recommend using an espresso grind, and applying a firm tamp. You can grind your own coffee beans fresh at home, or ask your favourite cafe to grind the beans for you. Or you can check out our delicious Bespoke Blend, ground specifically for use with your reusable pods!

What is the capacity of a DGpod?

DGpod should be brewed using 8-9g of coffee.

Can I get some tips on improving my cuppa now that I'm brewing with real coffee?

Sure thing! Your brew results will vary, dependant on which coffee you use, and how you use it. You can check out our top tips here.

Can I use DGpod capsules to brew Tea?

Yes, DGpods also let you enjoy your favourite tea leaves. When filling the capsule, simply tamp down more gently than you would when brewing coffee. This ensures there is enough space in the capsule for the tea leaves to expand during the brewing process. We recommend chopping the tea first, and adding no more than 5g of tea per capsule.

Can I get detailed instructions on brewing with DGpods?

Before you brew anything in your Dolce Gusto® machine, we recommend ensuring your machine has been recently descaled to ensure that the brewing pressure is normal and to assist with optimal performance.

Step 1. Place the strainer into the pod
To brew lungo, place convex side up. To brew espresso, concave side up. Next, place in the paper filter if brewing tea or very fine coffee grounds. The paper filter may also assist in brewing a more intense espresso.

Step 2. Fill with coffee and tamp
Fill with one level scoop of ground coffee, using the provided scoop provided with your pack. Tamp down to the measuring line using the base of the scoop. Repeat if the tamped coffee does not reach the measuring line. Please note: DGpod works best when used with 9g of ground coffee. Over-filling or under-filling may cause the cover to open during the brewing process.

Step 3. Place the Lid on top of the coffee

Step 4. Close the capsule using the cover

Step 5. Place the DGpod into the capsule holder
of the machine
Align the front of the cover (where the small hole is located) with the centre of the machine's capsule holder.
If the machine lever doesn't close, double check
that you have aligned the capsule correctly.

Step 6. Adjust the water level of the machine, and brew
Please note: After brewing, wait at least 1 minute for the components to cool before pulling the capsule holder from the machine to avoid damaging the capsule cover.