Bluecup Refill Kit



Capsule and Lid Refill Kit for Bluecup Capsules.

  • Don't be restricted to the blends available from big brands; filling your own capsules means the return of real, fresh coffee and personal choice.
  • Leakproof seal design for optimal performance.
  • More environmentally friendly than pre-filled pods - and when you're done with your cuppa you can use the spent coffee grounds to fertilise your garden!
  • Economical and affordable - filling your own capsules means a lower price per cup of coffee.

Bluecup Refill Kit contains^:
6 Refillable Capsules
300 Lids

^Coffee grounds not included. Bluecup capsules can be used with Nespresso®* machines manufactured after October 2010 (for optimal function and compatibility, the sleeve that holds the capsule when you close the coffee machine should be made of black plastic, NOT aluminum).

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