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Our excellent Ear Saver is designed to remove the irritation that face mask ear-loops create on your ears - simply wrap the mask elastic around the clip rather than your ears to immediately relieve pressure.

Our full length Ear Saver is 17.5cm long, with 5 hook levels to enable a customised fit and added comfort, also assisting wearers with a smaller head size to achieve a more snug mask fit. If desired, you can also (very carefully) trim your Ear Saver if you find the length to be in excess of what you need. Shorter lengths are also available via the drop-down menu (these are useful for masks with longer straps, or for children and adults with a smaller anatomy). 

100% recycled materials: To help combat the problem of landfill and ocean waste, each Ear Saver is produced by hand and made entirely of locally sourced, reclaimed plastic bottle tops. At the end of their life, our Ear Savers can also be sent back to our warehouse to be recycled into other products.

Crema Joe X Precious Plastic Melbourne collaboration
Made from 4 plastic bottle caps
Australian made
Handcrafted in Melbourne
Plastic package-free product


Whilst we provide colour choices, due to the nature of our bespoke plastic products, each and every item is unique - colours / patterning will vary, particularly on multicolour options. If you do have a specific colour request, please add a note at checkout and we'll try to accommodate if possible. Face mask not included - the Ear Saver is a face mask addition.


Sent via trackable post.


PPM is a social enterprise and community hub where like minded people are working towards better outcomes for traditionally “non-recyclable” products. PPM's recycling facility is located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, helping local businesses and individuals to close the loop. Learn more.

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