SealPod & Beeswax Wrap Bundle

Crema Joe


SealPod Nespresso®* compatible reusable stainless steel capsules and Beeswax Wraps from The Grove 3429.

Keep your food fresh without using disposable plastic wrap! These reusable honeybee beeswax wraps are the perfect plastic free, chemical free, waste free, sustainable and biodegradable food storage solution. Perfect for in the fridge or lunch box, for anything from sandwiches and salad bowls to leftovers and cheeses. Fabric prints may vary from images shown. 

Handcrafted in Melbourne
Materials: Cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin
Pack contains: 3 x wraps
Sizes: 20x20cm, 28x28cm & 34x34cm

Pack contains^:
1 SealPod Starter Pack
1 Beeswax Wrap pack

^Coffee not included.