The Real Price of Coffee Capsules

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  • Linda & Tony

    We have 2 seal pod capsules, given to us as a gift, which we have been happily using for a few months. After using a Caffitaly machine we are very pleased with the quality of both types of lids, both silver and bio degradable brown. The crema produced is wonderful and since packing the coffee granules into the pods with a little more oomph! when using the brown lids we have the added satisfaction of heping reduce waste. We’re also able to recycle the used granules into our vegetable gardens. Brilliant all round. Definitely recommend Crema coffee capsules!,

  • Stephen Fox

    Like the product and hope you make a version for the Caffitaly ‘Map Italian Coffee’ machines?

    Posting of this comment not required but no objection if you do.

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