11 tips to help teach your toddler to care for our planet

You can support your little one to contribute to saving the world around them, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply by introducing your children to small but practical eco-conscious changes, you'll help them to develop environmental responsibility and teach them to care for our planet. The key to nurturing your toddler’s awareness and love for the planet is to make the activities age-appropriate, active and fun.

We have compiled some no fuss, comfortable and environmentally friendly tips and activities so that you can do your part right now by helping to provide your little one with keen environmental skills and the ability to be somewhat self-sufficient in the future. It could help save your family some money, and it just might change the world!

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Reusable vs Recyclable: Which coffee pod is the most sustainable?

Given that single use plastic coffee pods are notoriously bad for the environment, how do more sustainable options such as biodegradable, compostable, and reusable pods compare? 

Making coffee the good ole fashioned way is of course the ‘greenest’ option, there is less manufacturing and packaging per ounce of it. Don’t want to send your coffee pod machine to landfill?

Guest blogger Alex Mealey of Effect The Change fills you in on which capsule type leaves the smallest environmental footprint.

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Grind size and coffee pods - everything you need to know!

The base of a great coffee, is using the right coffee grounds. Did you know that the way you grind your coffee is the first step toward influencing how the final brew tastes?

When it comes to coffee capsules, hot water is basically forced through your grounds: too fine, and it won’t get through, too coarse, and it will gush through.

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Ecommerce waste - what we're doing to reduce our impact

Shopping online is saving us all time and money, but the environment is coming off second best.According to Play Market Research, Australian ecommerce is growing five times faster than traditional bricks and mortar stores. And, as the ecommerce industry grows, so too is the amount of packaging used to distribute products direct from warehouse to consumer - think boxes, bubble wrap and all of those packing peanuts!What’s more, ecommerce businesses often use packaging materials inefficiently, which is further contributing to the rise in packaging production and the waste associated with it. Packaging authority, Smithers Pira predicts that the global market for ecommerce packaging will...

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Crema Joe is making a difference, one capsule at a time!

Australia's increased awareness on the negative impact of single-use coffee cups has fortunately amassed affirmative change country-wide, with many coffee lovers now making a conscious effort to swap disposable coffee cups with KeepCups and the like. But what about at-home coffee pod machines?

Appallingly, we use an estimated six million coffee pods every day. But the good news is it’s easy to make a simple "small swap" to your daily cuppa routine - if most of those 6 million capsule coffees per day were brewed with reusable pods, we’d be saving our precious resources, including billions of gallons of water and massive amounts of energy each year. In 2014 the team behind Crema Joe decided to do something to combat the issue, launching a range of reusable and sustainable coffee pods, and we'd love you to choose us to help you start your mission to brew more sustainably - here's why: 

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