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3 reusable products that are helping people avoid the supermarket all together

At first it was toilet paper and pasta, and now other essential items have become scarce, such as meat, pantry staples, and sanitary items, causing stress and anxiety amongst consumers. What we’re seeing now is the flow on effect of these product shortages. Consumers are looking for alternatives to fulfil their needs during this unprecedented and challenging time. In an age when single-use items are the norm, many people have not considered reusable alternatives to everyday products, such as pads and tampons, nappies and even coffee pods.

That is, until now...

Products helping you avoid the supermarket aisles all together: cloth nappies, coffee pods, menstrual cups

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How to clean your Lavazza Blue® or Lavazza A Modo Mio® machine

Lavazza Blue® and Lavazza A Modo Mio® system compatible cleaning capsules are now available at Crema Joe!  Calling all Lavazza® lovers! Is your coffee lacking robust flavour, or are you experiencing an inconsistent pour? This could be your machine telling you that it’s well and truly time for a spring clean!  Crema Joe are proud to launch CaffeNu cleaning capsules for your Lavazza® Blue or A Modo Mio coffee machine! Why is cleaning my machine important? When not cleaned correctly, Lavazza® machines can accumulate dirty coffee oils, old granules and eventually bacteria inside the brewing chamber. These built-up residues can ultimately affect the taste and overall quality of your...

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How You Can Still Catch Up For Coffee With Friends During Isolation

With cafes, restaurants and other social spaces closed to the public meet ups, to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, as a community we are being asked (and in some cases, required) to practice social distancing. Members of the public are being advised to avoid gatherings in general, but this seemingly constant state of quarantine, however, is beginning to take its toll on people.  During self-isolation, many of us are now sitting at home 24/7. But fear not, extroverts, because getting your social-butterfly fix is still within reach - keeping in touch via remote technology is becoming a crucial aspect of the wellbeing of isolated individuals, greatly helping...

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7 Zero Waste principles to help you survive the coronavirus panic

Fear of the spread of coronavirus has sparked panic buying in Australia, where stores have even had to limit the number of particular items sold. Everything from disinfectant to tissues is being bought up, inspired by pandemic fears not only of Wuhan-style lockdowns, but also factory closures that could impact supply, causing shortages.

To be clear, there is absolutely no need for Australians to stockpile - the current scarcity is the direct results of hordes of people grabbing more items like toilet paper than they reasonably need.

Meanwhile? Zero Waste-ers are sitting back in bemusement - they've spent the last few years refining their lifestyles to become less dependant on single-use items, becoming more self-sufficient in the process whilst they move to a more sustainable lifestyle.

So, what we can learn from the Zero Waste lifestyle? We've collated the top 7 tips you can takeaway from their minimal way of living.

Zero Waste Lifestyle: Homemade DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar Multi-purpose Cleaner Recipe

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Top 10 Reusable Coffee Pod Questions: Everything You Need To Know!

Reusable coffee pods. We've all heard that they work out to be cheaper than disposable capsules, they're great because you get to choose your own coffee, and of course they're the most planet-friendly way to brew with your pod machine.

But moving away from single-use coffee pods to switch to reusable capsules can seem daunting at first, right? Not to worry - we've got your back. Our crew of coffee pod experts have gathered all the information you need to help you select a superior pod, and become a home barista!

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