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Eco Tip: How to clean your kettle without harsh chemicals

Naturally, all kitchen kettles develop a layer of limescale over time. And if you're a fan of family-friendly, organic cleaning, you probably prefer to replace chemical products with natural alternatives wherever possible. 

So rather than scrubbing or washing out your kettle using nasty chemicals, with little to no effort at all this quick, easy cleaning hack will help you clean and descale your kettle in just a matter of minutes!

Organic / chemical-free method for cleaning your kettle: This simple hack takes just under 2 minutes!

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Bang for your buck: Are reusable coffee pods worth the investment?

Reusable pods seem so expensive - why is everyone so happy to splash out on them?

Yep, we hear this one a lot! So, we're here to tell you exactly what goes into creating our world famous reusable coffee capsules, why they're more expensive than disposable pods, and why they'll actually save you a lot more money than you might think. 

3 months of single-use pods vs reusable coffee capsules | Crema Joe

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How & why cleaning your coffee pod machine literally improves your coffee

Using your pod machine on a daily basis and want to ensure you're drinking germ-free coffee? Looking to extend the life of your machine and keep it running at peak performance for years to come? You may have already guess that the key to achieving these things is found in regular cleaning and descaling! Find out how hard water can negatively impact your machine, and the big difference a simple spring clean can make!

Clean your pod machine with these tips to improve function & coffee flavour

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What is the difference between the Nespresso Vertuo machines?

Trying to navigate the minefield that is Vertuo machine models can be a very daunting venture. With so many versions on the market and sparkly new ones constantly being produced, it can be extremely challenging to decipher what the differences are between the various machines available and determine which one will suit you best.

To save you time wading through the endless ocean that is Vertuo machine information on the internet (we see you with your 1000 tabs open!) we've simplified everything and compiled the vital details into one comprehensive guide - you're welcome!

Which Nespresso is best: Vertuo vs VertuoPlus vs Vertuo Next

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Why refillable pod coffee isn't as strong as single-use pods

Ever been sipping a nice hot cup of joe made from your favourite reusable capsule, only to wonder why the flavour is different (weaker, less bitter?) than coffee from single-use pods you've consumed in the past? Ever wondered exactly why it takes a little more effort to attain a strong espresso with reusable pods? Great questions like these, demand great answers. And lucky for you, you've come to just the right place!

Arabica Vs Robusta coffee beans: Reusable pods & how to make your coffee taste stronger!

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