Rethink, repurpose & reuse: Our eco-friendly packaging is finally here!

SealPod packaging has been designed to encourage reuse and creatively challenge you to rethink it's purpose. Our packaging is recyclable, but why not reuse it rather than dispose of it?

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Capsule quality - it's all in the brew

Got a little dejà brew whilst shopping for reusable coffee pods? We're frequently asked about brand authenticity and how best to determine the quality of a refillable capsule...

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Zero Waste Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas day is on the way, along with all the potential waste and extra consumerism that it entails. But the holiday season doesn’t have to be such a wasteful time! By rethinking some traditions, you and your family can have a healthy, happy, zero waste Christmas. Check out our top 6 Zero Waste Gifts For The Coffee Lover in your life!

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Zero Waste Christmas Pt. 2 - Easy DIY Coffee Scrub

This easy and inexpensive homemade coffee body scrub is super simple to make and is nourishing for dry, Summer skin. Coffee scrub is a great gentle exfoliator - perfect timing considering most of us are getting into our swimsuits and would love to show off our radiant skin! 

What's more, they are absolutely ideal as a budget-friendly, eco-friendly Christmas gift!

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Zero Waste Christmas Pt. 1 - Cinnamon Coffee Cake with Streusel Crumb Topping

Here's a sweet gift idea: cake in a reusable jar! These individually portioned (convenient and portable!) desserts are a great gift for co-workers, and to take to family get-togethers over the holiday season. We like the fact that it's a gift with reusable packaging, too!

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