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K-Fee Expressi Cube machine : Which reusable coffee pod is best?

Once you've chosen to make the switch to reusable, working out which refillable capsule is compatible with your machine can seem like a daunting task. Not to worry though - we’ve put together this handy guide to give you a great overview of which sustainable pod fits your machine, and help get you sustainably brewing in no time! 

Best reusable coffee pod for Aldi K-fee Expressi Cube / Square capsule machine

K-Fee Expressi Cube Machine

The Expressi Cube is a great entry-model pod machine that is frequently released by Aldi in a variety of colours (Black, Aqua, Red.. etc.) and is incredibly affordable for the home brewer ($59.00).* Whilst this machine is priced lower than its competitors, it works extremely well.

The Cube, with it's slim rectangular profile, is an ultra-convenient symmetrical espresso machine. It's well suited to coffee lovers who prize convenience, or those who are looking for a compact appliance that delivers a speedy, automatic brew! This particular models consists of a simple, easy to clean exterior surface - great for the 'on the go' coffee addict!

The best reusable coffee pods for Aldi K-fee (Expressi) machines

Reusable capsules


Pros: Made from 100% stainless steel, the FeePod capsule base is designed for a lifetime of use. Simply fill the base with ground coffee, and seal with your reusable silicone cover. This super convenient system is also famous for delivering a great coffee with rich crema. Cost-effective and highly economical, this option offers you the freedom to brew with your favourite espresso grounds whilst making a better choice for our Earth!

Cons: If you've spent the last few years using disposable / single-use coffee pods, it may take a little experimentation to figure out how best to position your new reusable capsule within your pod machine. However, within a few espresso shots you'll get a feel for this, and be confidently brewing without a worry!

Best DIY refillable coffee capsules for K-fee Expressi (Aldi) Cube pod machine


When it comes to brewing coffee at home, there's no need to compromise on flavour for the sake of convenience. FeePod is an ideal planet-friendly choice for use with the K-Fee Expressi Cube machine, particularly for consumers looking to reduce their cost-per-brew. 

*Aldi Expressi (Australia), Jan 2020.

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