A complete list of excellent ways to donate, recycle, upcycle and responsibly dispose of everyday household stuff

You wanted an ultimate guide to responsibly decluttering? You got it! Spring is in the air, and it's certainly the perfect time to cleanse your home of your unused or unwanted goods, and spring clean your conscience!

Reduce the waste you send to landfill: Rather than adding to the growing landfill problem in Australia, there are countless recycling programs and sustainable initiatives now at our fingertips, with many accepting donated household goods for refurbishing, recycling, or redistribution to those in need!

Baby and Kids

Where to donate baby gates in Australia Baby gates
VIC: St Kilda Mums
Where to donate books in Australia Books VIC: Big Group Hug
VIC: St Kilda Mums
Where to donate baby bottles in Australia Bottles
VIC: St Kilda Mums
Where to donate clam shell pools in Australia Clam shell pools
Where to donate kids clothes in Australia Clothing
Where to donate nappies in Australia
Where to donate nursery equiptment in Australia
Nursery equipment

VIC: Big Group Hug
St Kilda Mums

Where to donate baby toiletries in Australia Toiletries
VIC: St Kilda Mums
Where to donate kids toys in Australia
VIC: St Kilda Mums
NSW: Second Chance Toys


Where to recycle bottle tops in Australia Bottle tops
VIC: Precious Plastic Melbourne
Where to recycle breadtags in Australia Breadtags
VIC: Precious Plastic Melbourne
Where to recycle coffee capsules in Australia Coffee capsules TerraCycle*
*Or, check out our reusable pods
Where to recycle cleaning products in Australia Cleaning products
VIC: Pets Haven
Find where to compost food in Australia Food scraps Sharewaste
Where to recycle soft plastic in Australia Soft plastics REDcycle

Bathroom and medical

Where to donate cosmetics in Australia Cosmetics
Where to donate first aid / medical supplies in Australia First aid / medical
Airbone Aid
Where to donate oral care (toothbrushes / toothpaste) in Australia
Oral care
Where to donate toiletries in Australia
ACT: Pinchapoo 
NSW: Every Little Bit Helps
S.A: Pinchapoo 
VIC: West Welcome Wagon
Where to donate towels & face washers in Australia Towels / face washers
VIC: Pets Haven
Where to recycle x-rays in Australia Xrays
NSW: Ecocycle
VIC: Ecocycle

Office, books and I.T. equipment 

Where to recycle batteries in Australia Batteries Aldi
NSW: Ecocycle
VIC: Ecocycle
Where to donate books in Australia Books
VIC: Brotherhood of St Laurence
Where to recycle computer / I.T equipment in Australia
Computers / I.T. equipment
Where to recycle ink / toner cartridges in Australia
Ink / toner cartridges
Where to recycle lighting / light bulbs in Australia Lighting
NSW: Ecocycle
VIC: Ecocycle
Where to recycle mobile phones in Australia Mobile phones
Where to donate/recycle newspaper in Australia Newspaper
Where to donate/recycle boxes, bubble wrap and packing material in Australia
Packaging material / boxes
VIC: Crema Joe
Where to recycle printers / scanners in Australia
Printers / scanners
Where to donate / recycle stationery (pens, highlighters, rulers) in Australia Stationery (pens, highlighters, rulers) TerraCycle
NSW: Stationery Reuse Centre
VIC: Pets Haven


Bedroom and clothing

Where to donate / recycle bedding in Australia Bedding
Where to donate bras in Australia Bras
Where to donate / recycle clothing in Australia Clothing
Where to donate / recycle sunglasses & glasses in Australia Glasses / sunglasses
Where to donate handbags and womens accessories in Australia Handbags / accessories VIC: Fitted For Work
Where to recycle mattresses in Australia Mattresses Soft Landing
Where to donate / recycle shoes in Australia Shoes

Shoes For Planet Earth
NSW: Fitted For Work 
VIC: Brotherhood of St Laurence
VIC: Fitted For Work

Where to recycle socks in Australia Socks Manrags

Large, garage and outdoor items

Where to donate bikes in Australia Bikes
VIC: Bikes4Life
NSW:  Bikes4Life
QLD:  Bikes4Life
Where to donate electrical items in Australia Electrical items
Where to donate furniture in Australia
VIC: West Welcome Wagon
VIC: Brotherhood of St Laurence
Where to donate tennis equipment in Australia Tennis equipment Kids Tennis Foundation
Where to recycle TVs in Australia TVs TechCollect
Where to recycle paint in Australia Paint Paintback
Where to recycle Polystyrene in Australia Polystyrene EPS Recyclers
Where to donate whitegoods in Australia Whitegoods


Where to donate pet bedding in Australia Bedding
VIC: Pets Haven
Where to donate pet carries / crates in Australia Carriers / crates / pens
Where to donate pet collars / leads in Australia Collars / leads
Where to donate pet bowls in Australia Pet bowls
Where to donate kitty litter in Australia Kitty litter
Where to donate pet toys & scratching posts in Australia Pet toys / scratching posts
VIC: Pets Haven


Please note: If you have any questions about donations or recycling, go to the link provided to contact the organisation directly.

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