How to use Bluecup capsules

Compatibility: Are Bluecup capsules compatible with my machine?

Bluecup coffee pods work with Nespresso® machines manufactured after October 2010. To double check whether your machine is suitable for the Bluecup, ensure the sleeve that holds the capsule when you close the machine is made of black plastic, not aluminum. Please note - we do not stock capsules that are compatible with VertuoLine / Pro-series machines.

How many times can Bluecup capsules be used?

Your Bluecup can be used in your Nespresso® machine at least 200 times.

How do I use the Spoon Holder and Cup Creator?

Use the Spoon Holder to easily fill your Bluecup with ground coffee, then place your filled capsule into the Cup Creator, put a Bluecup Lid on the pod, press and turn and voilà - your capsule is machine-ready!

Are Bluecup capsules easy to clean?

Simply rinse the capsule with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. All the components of the Bluecup have been tested for durability and food safety, and are also completely Dishwasher safe.

What grind size is recommended for use with Bluecup capsules?

A grind size slightly coarser than regular espresso is best for optimum results.

My coffee is too watery, why?

Try tightly packing the Bluecup capsule with as much ground coffee as possible. If this doesn’t produce the desired result, use coffee ground to a finer setting.

My coffee is too strong and is brewing too slowly, why?

Try filling the Bluecup with a little less coffee grounds, and tamping more softly. If this doesn’t produce the desired result, the coffee may need to be ground more coarsely.

How many grams of coffee can a Bluecup hold?

A Bluecup can hold around 5.2 grams of ground coffee.

Have Bluecup products been tested for food safety?

Yes - all Bluecup components are BPA free, and have passed the tests for food safety and durability.

Can I get some tips on improving my cuppa now that I'm brewing with real coffee?

Sure thing! You can check out our top tips here.