How to use My-Cap accessories

Can I use My-Cap accessories with my machine?

My-Cap accessories are compatible with capsules for Nespresso® VertuoLine machines, including Vertuo and VertuoPlus models.

How many times can the My-Cap silicone accessories be used?

If cared for correctly, your My-Cap silicone components should last for at least 100 uses.

I would like to grind my own fresh coffee beans, what kind of grinder should I use?

We recommend using a burr grinder for the best results, as blade grinders create an inconsistent grind, as well as too much dust.

What grind size is recommended for use with My-Cap accessories?

We recommend coffee ground to espresso for optimum results. Or you can check out our delicious Bespoke Blend, developed specifically for use with capsule machines!

How do I prepare my VertuoLine capsule to be reused?

1. Carefully remove the pierced foil covering from capsule.
2. Wash the empty capsule base in warm water with a little dishwashing liquid, rinse and dry.
3. You're done, your capsule is now ready for reuse!

Have My-Cap products been tested for food safety?

All My-Cap components are made from food-safe materials, and are BPA and BPS free.

Which Vertuo capsules are best to use with My-Cap accessories?

VertuoLine capsule bases vary in size. The barcodes on each capsule dictate the volume of water flow, temperature, infusion time and speed of capsule rotation. The type of brew you make is determined by the capsule base you reuse. For optimal results, we recommend using the Short Espresso base. If using a larger size, run a 40mL shot, then press stop. This provides the ideal amount of water to extract the best elements of the coffee.

What are the My-Cap Paper Filters for? Do I need to use them?

The Paper Filters are biodegradable and compostable. These are optional, and can be helpful if you are finding coffee grinds in your cup, or to brew a richer coffee and crema. We suggest running a shot with the Filter, and a shot without the Filter to see what works better with your machine! Simply place the Filter on top of your coffee, before closing with the My-Cap Silicone Cap.

Can I get more detailed usage instructions?

Before you brew anything in your Nespresso® machine, we recommend performing a thorough descale.

How to reuse Nespresso Vertuo / VertuoLine capsules

Step 1.
Place an empty Vertuo capsule in the Capsule Holder and fill with coffee, leaving a very slight space for the Silicone Cap, and tamp firmly. Give the edges of the capsule a quick brush off to remove loose grinds.

Step 2. 
Place the Paper Filter on top, followed by the Silicone Cap. Ensure the text side is facing up, and the Cap is pressed evenly into the capsule.

Step 3. 
Place the capsule into the machine and close the handle. (Note: If there appears to be resistance when closing the unit, reopen it and try again.)

Step 4.
Brew and enjoy!

What is the Silicone Lid used for?

Always have a fresh coffee pod ready to go by filling multiple capsules in advance. Simply fill as usual, top with the Silicone Cap, place the Silicone Lid over the top and store in a dark, dry place.

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