How to use WayCap capsules

Compatibility: Are WayCap capsules compatible with my machine?

WayCap capsules may be used with the following Nespresso®* machines only - Inissia, U, Pixie, Citiz, Maestria, Lattissima, Essenza, Kitchen Aid and Prodigio. Please note - we do not stock capsules that are compatible with VertuoLine / Pro-series machines.

Will WayCap capsules damage my machine?

WayCap capsules are designed to fit perfectly, and will not harm the machine.

Is WayCap easy to use?

The manual Dispenser and Press have been perfected to allow for a quick refill of the pod without any waste. We estimate that you'll be able to fill your capsules in about the same amount of time that it takes for your machine to warm up.

What kind of coffee can I use when brewing with WayCap?

When purchasing from a local coffee shop or roaster, ask for coffee ground to stovetop. When buying pre-ground coffee, try to find coffee ground for moka pot, which is slightly coarser than coffee ground for espresso. When using this grind, the best result is obtained by applying considerable pressure when tamping. If using an espresso grind that is too fine, we suggest beginning with a small amount of pressure when tamping.

Can I get a little more info on the Stainless Steel Filters/Tops?

Each WayCap comes with 4 interchangeable Steel Filters - each one suited to a particular grind size. This means that you can enjoy an excellent, creamy espresso with whichever coffee you choose to brew. For a very fine grind, use a filter with more slots. For a coarse grind, a filter with minimal slots is best.

How sustainable are WayCap capsules?

WayCap capsules are made entirely of stainless steel, so can be reused infinitely. Aside from the spent coffee grounds, they don’t produce any waste. Their environmental impact is also minimal at every stage of production - every part of the pod is manufactured in the immediate vicinity of the warehouse, and the packaging is made entirely of recycled materials.

Are WayCap capsules easy to clean?

Simply remove the coffee grounds using the end of a teaspoon, rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. To clean your coffee pod in your dishwasher, remove the o-ring seal under the cap first. We also recommend using an eco-friendly limescale remover periodically.

What is the capacity of a WayCap capsule?

WayCap can contain up to 6g of coffee.

The capsule doesn't seem to fit quite right in my machine, what can I do?

This is usually a simple gasket issue. Check out the following these links for tips on making sure you gasket is on the correct way - Gasket 1 / Gasket 2.

My WayCap top seems too loose / too tight, what can I do?

It is rare for a WayCap Lid to dislodge whilst in the machine, however, if this does occur, to remove the cap from inside the machine remove the drip tray first and approach the cap from underneath. To avoid reoccurrence, we recommend the following: Ensure you are using an approved compatible machine, ensure the inside of your machine is clean / recently descaled, ensure your capsule is not overfilled, and lastly ensure your WayCap is clean / dry.

On the other end of the scale, WayCap lids can be quite snug - this is necessary for correct function. We suggest trying the following removal method from the WayCap useful tips video (from 3:30). In short, the easiest removal method for a stubborn lid is to:
- Hold the capsule with two hands with the base facing away from you.
- Then, with both thumbs resting on the “filter” part of the lid, push the filter down and away from you.

If you've tried the above and are still having the issue, please get in touch with our team!

Can I get some tips on improving my cuppa now that I'm brewing with real coffee?

Sure thing! You can check out our top tips here, and see some additional tips from WayCap in this short video.