On a Sunday afternoon in September 2014, the impact of one little coffee pod really started to add up for coffee lovers Kayla and Piers Mossuto. After a particularly big family gathering, a sea of shiny aluminium pods were left piled high, discarded and ready to be forgotten. Confronted with so much waste, the pair began to wonder about the impact of their own Nespresso machine.

Where would the capsules end up? Would they actually be recycled? How many coffee pods were being thrown out each day across the country? Kayla and Piers were shocked to learn that their single use coffee pod machine was contributing to the global landfill issue – it is estimated that more than 6 million coffee capsules are used across Australia each day with the majority ending up in landfill!

This ethically minded husband and wife team were eager to find a truly sustainable alternative, so that they could continue enjoying their daily cuppa without the guilt.

Wanting to help others reduce the environmental impact of their coffee pod machines too, in 2014 the husband and wife team launched a range of reusable and sustainable coffee pods, and Crema Joe – a coffee-centric online store with a conscience – was born.


To put an end to single-use coffee pods by providing the most eco-friendly choices for coffee lovers everywhere.


Crema Joe was founded in Melbourne in 2014 by husband and wife team, Piers and Kayla Mossuto. The pair has developed and sourced the store’s range of eco-friendly products, and continue to manage the day-to-day running of the business. The family-owned business has grown considerably over the past 5 years, which has seen need to hire additional staff members to assist with various business functions. "We've quite simply married our passion for coffee with a cause we believe in, and built a successful and ethical business around it." says Kayla. On a mission to leave the world a better place for their children (and children’s children), Kayla and Piers have big plans for the future of Crema Joe. Watch this space!


Kayla Mossuto

Co-Founder / Managing Director

Piers Mossuto



What is the impact of single use coffee pods?

• It's now predicted that Aussies consume a whopping 6 million pods per day. Those used capsules would fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every week!

• Unbeknownst to many, recycling single use aluminium capsules (as with recycling any product) depletes natural resources and increase Co2 emissions.

• While some single use pods technically are recyclable, the number of capsules that are actually recycled is uncertain. That’s because conventional recycling facilities are not able to manage items so small and the pods then end up back in general waste.

• The creation and recycling of aluminium is energy intensive, so now that there are reusable pod alternatives available, the issue is not whether single use capsules can be recycled, but whether they should be produced at all.

• Single use coffee capsules are not biodegradable. It takes more than 150-500 years for aluminium and plastic pods to break down when they end up in landfill.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Which Is Best?

We’ve all been taught that it’s better to recycle than to throw items straight in the trash. And, while this can help prevent items from ending up in landfill, we can do better. That’s because recycling requires the use of energy to repurpose materials into new items – a function which can release harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

The most effective approach to reducing waste is to reduce the number of products we consume in the first place. Reducing should be the first step in lessening our impact on the environment. The next best thing, for all items that we must have, is to extend the life of the product for as long as possible through reuse.

It’s all about making more conscious choices with regards to the items we purchase. For info on which type of coffee pod (recyclable, biodegradable or reusable) has the lowest environmental impact, click here.

Stainless Steel Capsules

Refillable coffee capsules are an eco-friendly alternative to single use coffee pods. Crema Joe's stainless steel capsules are infinitely reusable, allowing consumers to continue to enjoy their coffee pod machines without the waste.

• We’ve estimated that our customers prevent more than 11,500,000 pods from ending up in landfill each year simply by opting for a reusable capsule over single use*. That figure continues to grow as awareness of the impact of waste is becoming mainstream.  (*Calculations based on 2 coffees brewed per day, over 365 days for each Crema Joe order that included a coffee capsule pack since launch.)

• Stainless steel coffee pods aren’t just an eco-friendly option – they are also the most cost-effective way of brewing with a capsule machine. For cost comparisons, click here.


Coffee Pods & Accessories

The Crema Joe team have developed, and stock a range of sustainable pod machine accessories. The collection showcases reusable coffee capsules, including SealPod, Bluecup, WayCap and My-Cap. These eco-friendly coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, Aldi K-fee®, Caffitaly® and VertuoLine machines, with plans to continue expanding the range of pod alternatives.


SealPod capsules are made of stainless steel and designed for infinite use. Each pack includes a set of Sticker Lids, Scoop/Tamper and silicone Fresh Covers that allow the pods to be filled and stored in advance. SealPod capsules can be sealed with either a Biodegradable/Compostable Sticker Lid, or an Aluminium Espresso Lid, which can be recycled.


Bluecup capsules are made from a durable, BPA free plastic, and are designed to be reused at least 200 times. The pods are sealed with a recyclable Aluminium Lid using the unique Cup Creator. The pack includes a set of Aluminium Lids, Spoon Holder and Cup Creator, making it really easy to fill with a simple press and turn to seal the capsule.

Made entirely of stainless steel, WayCap capsules are designed for infinite reuse. The WayCap Dispenser and Tamper allow for quick and easy refilling. Each pack comes with four interchangeable steel filters to cater for different grind sizes. For more information on Crema Joe’s reusable capsule range, click here.


Also available at Crema Joe are a range of limited edition eco-friendly coffee accessories, such as mugs, coffee machine cleaning pods, and grinders. These products vary based on availability.


Product Packaging

Crema Joe continues their war on waste with eco-friendly packaging. The team have thoughtfully developed and launched their own product packaging for their flagship SealPod range. Made using FSC® certified stock, and printed using vegetable-based inks, the packaging is not only recyclable, but is designed to challenge consumers to think of creative ways to reuse it – such as a seedling planter box.

For more information on Crema Joe’s packaging, click here.

Shipping Packaging

Part and parcel of an e-commerce business is packing products to send via post or courier. To minimise the impact of this, Crema Joe works with other local businesses to collect and reuse their old packaging for shipping products to customers.


“The amount of coffee capsules going into landfill is completely unsustainable. Crema Joe’s reusable pods not only give small businesses (like cafes and roasters) an eco-friendly way of promoting specialty coffee to capsule machine users, but we can now also harness this enthusiasm and drive to make a change to the environmental impact of the capsule industry.”
- Chris Edden | Josie Coffee

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