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SealPod Five Pack (for Nespresso®)

SealPod Five Pack (for Nespresso®)

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  • 5 SealPod Capsules
  • 5 Fresh Covers
  • 120 Espresso Sticker Lids
  • 1 Scoop

This five pack of refillable coffee capsules is for coffee lovers with an environmental conscience.

SealPods are the Nespresso* compatible alternative that give you more choice, save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. Made of stainless steel, these low-impact, innovative coffee pods easily rinse clean, ready for reuse - giving you all the convenience without the waste.

Always have a capsule of freshly ground coffee on standby by prefilling and storing your SealPods ahead of time. Then, simply drop the SealPod into your Nespresso* machine as you normally would to enjoy the perfect extraction.

Compare reusable SealPods to the cost of pre-packaged coffee capsules. 

^Ground coffee and Biodegradable Sticker Lids sold separately.

Those who are looking for a simple way to brew more sustainably, and of course a great cuppa! Our SealPods are a great all-rounder, work out to be far more cost-effective than disposable pods, and still deliver that convenience factor with their ability to pre-fill and store.

Still deciding with reusable pod is for you? Take our capsule quiz! 


For our complete machine compatibility listing for this product, click here.


Fresh Cover colours may vary from pictured. Results may vary. This is not a pre-filled capsule - extraction is dependant on which coffee you use, and how you use it.

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